Making Flockr a future-proof pet platform
Where: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Role: UX Designer
Goal: Redesign the app with a robust design system, and add new features for user retention.
Challenge: Revitalizing Flockr's engagement posed a challenge. As the team aimed to relaunch the app with a new design system, and introduce a variety of functionalities for potential subscription plans, the task was to seamlessly integrate these new elements while maintaining the app's user-friendly essence. Balancing the addition of features for monetization without overwhelming users and ensuring a coherent design that aligned with the app's original concept demanded strategic decision-making. The challenge lay in evolving Flockr into a robust and profitable platform while preserving its appeal to pet owners, requiring careful consideration of user experience and the app's long-term sustainability.
Action: As the sole designer for Flockr, I spearheaded a comprehensive redesign over two years, introducing diverse features such as the Health dashboard, support for NGOs, expense tracking for pets, and direct connections with veterinarians. The process involved conducting user research to identify desired features, relying extensively on various prototypes for iterative improvements. This multifaceted approach ensured a strategic and user-informed evolution of Flockr, reflecting the app's commitment to enhancing the pet-owner experience.
Result: After two years, Flockr attracted more than 20k sign-ups, received more than 18k posted photos from pets, and had more than 16k health events logged in total. The app, first in Portuguese language, got translated to English and Spanish, bringing a high user base in India, more than 20k users in Brazil. The subscription plans helped making the app profitable.
Work performed: Design Strategy, Product Design (User Interface, Interaction Design, Visual Design), Prototyping, User Research.
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